Frequently asked questions

What is InterLearn Institute (ILI)?

InterLearn Institute, one of The Progressus Companies (, is a direct to consumer training company. Within ILI we offer several options:

  1. K-12 Dual Degree School. Starting with the 11th and 12th grades, students can finish out their high school experience while earning up to an associate’s degree from Accredited Partner Colleges and Universities. Students graduate from InterLearn Institute with their high school diploma and an accredited associate’s degree from a partner college.
  2.  Concurrent Courses, College Electives. Students may take selected courses from ILI without completing the dual degree or a full program. Students may be in high school, enrolled in college elsewhere and in need of some electives or makeup courses, or adult students desiring to complete their degree more efficiently and cost effectively.  
  3. Partnering with other K-12 Schools. For existing K-12 schools interested in offering dual degree or concurrent courses to your students, ILI can help by developing a plan of study, hosting courses, and connecting with colleges that will transcript the courses.  
  4. Partnering with Colleges and Universities. For colleges and universities, we can offer a range of services including providing electives for your students on through full degree programs (through our sister company, InterLearn).
  5. Partnering with Businesses. If you area business owner or company that desires to develop an educational program customized to the needs of your team members, ILI and its sister company, Progressus, can help you.   

Is ILI Accredited?

Our courses in and of themselves are not accredited. Accreditation is typically for an institution or program.  

That said, ILI is seeking accreditation for its K-12 program through the Association of Christian Teachers & Schools

Further, ILI has agreements in place with multiple colleges that are accredited to transcript our courses.  That will allow for accreditation of our courses college courses individually.  

Who is eligible to enroll at InterLearn Institute?

Currently, ILI accepts students that are finishing high school and older. 

As ILI expands its K-12 program to include grades beyond 11th and 12th grade, students eligible for those grade levels will also be eligible to enroll.    

How are the courses delivered?

ILI uses the Canvas Learning Management System (LMS) to offer its courses. Canvas is a user-friendly LMS that is widely used in higher education and K-12.   

Standard courses are five weeks in length and cover the content of a three-semester-hour, college-level class.  

What is the dual degree program and how does it work?

Dual Degree programs allow students to take college-level courses AS their high school courses.  So, students will be able to be closer to their profession by completing a dual degree program.  Upon completion, students will have both their high school diploma from InterLearn Institute and they will have college credits through a partner college.  

Can I transfer credits from other institutions?

If you have completed other college-level courses successfully, please let ILI team members know so that we can work around those courses and keep you from taking duplicate courses.  While ILI will not be the holder of those credits for colleges, we will work with them in our advising process.

What are the tuition and fees and are there any financial aid options?

Tuition for ILI K-12 School is $7500/year currently. This includes books and fees (aside from a $50 application fee).  

Tuition for all other programs is $250/credit hour. This includes books and fees.  

There are some scholarships available for the first year K-12 program. Contact ILI for more information.  

Once accredited, students within Oklahoma will be allowed to use the Oklahoma Parental Choice Tax Credit Program which allows for a refundable income tax credit ranging from $5,000 – $7,500. Learn more here.

There are some discounts available for students completing larger amounts of courses through ILI.  Contact ILI for more information.

How do I apply to InterLearn Institute?

If you are seeking a high school diploma through InterLearn Institute, apply here.

If you wish to take electives, concurrent courses, or are an adult learner seeking to complete your degree, sign up here.

If you would like to partner with ILI or one of its sister companies for your institution or organization, contact us here.

Who are the faculty at InterLearn Institute?

Faculty that teach for ILI have a minimum of a master’s degree in their field of teaching and extensive teaching experience.   

What are the technological requirements to attend online classes?

A computer with internet connection and browser is required to attend classes.  There have been some issues for students using Chromebooks and our curriculum within Canvas. So we recommend against the use of a Chromebook.