ILI was established with the vision to offer high-quality education directly to the consumer at a rate that keeps it affordable. Using curriculum designed for adult and online learning and academically qualified faculty, our programming rivals that of any leading institution at a rate that will give the student a clear return on investment and keep them out of debt. Our faculty have degrees from regionally accredited programs along with the experience that helps them know the material practically. The curriculum we use is offered through accredited programs around the USA and is being contracted for programs around the globe.


InterLearn Institute is a direct-to-student curriculum provider that partners with colleges, businesses, and individuals to provide access to high-quality courses at reasonable rates to help students advance their personal goals.


ILI seeks to stem the tide of rising student debt while providing high-quality, innovative educational options connected with accredited institutions.


InterLearn has chosen, at this point, not to seek accreditation. In part, the state of Oklahoma, the state in which we are incorporated, requires accreditation in order to be recognized by its board of regents. Conversely, most accrediting bodies require state recognition in order to move through accreditation. It is a rather inconvenient stalemate. There is no state recognition required for offering courses per the State Board of Regents.

However, we have developed a model that allows the some of the same benefits that accreditation offers:

  • Curriculum. To begin, the curriculum used and developed by InterLearn is in use at accredited institutions around the United States and soon will be in use around the world pending several agreements in process. The curriculum also meets all work hour standards of every major U.S. accreditor and has been lauded by accreditors as they review the curriculum of clients.
  • Faculty. ILI uses faculty that hold the credential and experiential requirements of every major U.S. accrediting body. That is, each faculty member has a minimum of a master’s degree with at least 18 graduate semester hours in the subject area. Most of our faculty have a terminal degree in their area of teaching. Additionally, we work to find faculty that have field expertise as well as academic credentials.
  • Articulation Agreements. ILI has established relationships with a number of higher education institutions and continues to expand this area. An articulation agreement allows students to complete courses from ILI and then transfer seamlessly into another institution in a program they desire. Students receive a one-to-one transfer of the courses that they’ve taken into an accredited program and graduate with an accredited degree from the articulated institution.